North East Audio offers a range of equipment for daily and weekly hire. We offer free delivery within Newcastle, Gateshead and North Tyneside and can arrange national hire on request.



Soundcraft Signature 12 MTX – £20 daily, £100 weekly

This is a fantastic little analogue desk with low-latency USB multitracking capabilities. It’s the perfect mixer for smaller gigs, spoken word events, location recording and studio projects. In addition to being a powerful analogue mixer, the multitracking capabilities allow each input to be sent to a computer, processed and returned in-line. This means you can use your favourite low-latency studio plugins to process your live mixes! Includes power cable and USB A-B cable

Behringer x32 Mixer – Price on request

Perfect for larger gigs with plenty of inputs and outputs for all of your needs. This mixer has analogue inputs on the desk and can be provided with a digital stagebox on request.

PA Systems:

We configure our PA systems to suit your needs, and stock brands such as RCF and DB Technologies. Get in contact for help configuring your system.


Shure SM58 – £5 daily, £25 weekly

The quintessential vocal microphone. Includes clip and european thread stand adaptor.

Shure SM57 – £5 daily, £25 weekly

The quintessential instrument microphone. Includes clip and european thread stand adaptor.

AKG D112 – £6 daily, £30 weekly

Kick drum and bass cab microphone. Includes clip and european thread stand adaptor.


Sennheiser e604 – £5 daily, £25 weekly

Clip on microphone for drums – also sounds great on horns, just unscrew the microphone from the clip and pop it on a mic stand!

Rode NT5 Stereo Pair – £12 daily, £60 weekly

Fantastic small diaphragm condenser microphones, enough quality for studio work and rugged enough to appear on any stage.


BSS AR-133 DI Box

Takes unbalanced signals from guitars and instruments and makes them suitable for pro-audio use.

Microphone Stands:

Boom microphone stands – £5 daily, £25 weekly

Short mic stands – £5 daily, £25 weekly


Cables and Connectors:

XLR cables (5m) – £2 daily, £10 weekly

XLR cables (10m) – £3 daily, £15 weekly

Balanced jack cables – £3 daily, £15 weekly

Instrument jack cables – £2 daily, £10 weekly

Cable converters and connectors (detail in your request) £3 daily, £15 weekly.

Power reels (indoor) – £4 daily, £20 weekly

Power reels (outdoor) – £7 daily, £35 weekly


Portable recorders:

Zoom H5n

Handheld portable recorder with an XY pair of microphones built in. Can also take 2 x XLR/Jack inputs. Takes SD cards, provided on request. Comes with a case and USB cable.

H5 - UK VERSION - 4 Channel Professional Portable Recorder with XY Mic Capsule

DJ equipment – prices on request

We offer Pioneer DJM900 Nexus DJ Mixer and Pioneer CDJ2000 Nexus packages – get in touch for prices.


Note that all equipment hire is subject to a 50% deposit to be paid before delivery/collection and that the hirer is subject to terms and conditions.